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Helping Hands

Invest in people.  

Hard working people are the backbone to every small business.  Overworked and underpaid is a story all to familiar to so many American families.  Changing that culture is an impossible task.  Employees feel trapped, owners feel entitled, customers suffer, company morale becomes an infectious disease, but the cycle can't stop without drastic change. 


I want to be that drastic change.  I want to revolutionize how a company can stop using people and start empowering and rewarding them, no matter what their level of education or economic status is.  If they are hard-working, loyal partners willing to learn, lead, and put in effort, they are deserving of the rewards that builds the company's success. 

My mission is to create an environment that puts people first; that leads by example, teaches, trains, develops and creates partners while proving the reward of an employee profit-sharing program.

You don't build a business,
you build people,
then people build the business.

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