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Dollar Bills

Feeling inspired?  No gift is too small.

If the world was filled with people that helped others before they helped themselves, it would be a Utopia.  I'm just an everyday person, with everyday challenges and decisions just like you.  My passion for leading, my desire to do right by others, and my "anything is possible" attitude is what will fuel my mission and lead me to my goal.  I'm not a quitter and I'm not one to cower at the criticism of naysayers and critics.    

You might ask why I don't walk away from this business.  Well, I love what I do and I love the people I do it with, and that's what makes this mission personal.  I thrive on change, I am passionate about teaching others, sharing my knowledge and passions, and inspiring others to grow and go into the world and make a difference to others around them.  Therefore, I have made it my mission to purchase this company, breathe new life into it and give the employees what they deserve.

How can you help?  If this story resonates with you, a simple gift of $1 would help.  That's right , a single dollar, $5, $10. $100 or whatever you feel compelled and have the ability to give. No gift is too small or insignificant.  Just imagine if 20 million people gave a single dollar.  That's $20 million dollars created by everyday people like you and me.


What are you getting for your gift?  Satisfaction.  Good vibes.  Peace of mind, knowing that regular people in the world are helping others succeed.    

Why not seek investors?  It's not out of the question, but it's the last resort.  The ability to have as much stake in the company to provide more money for reinvestment, better pay, and a profit-sharing program for the dedicated employees is the primary focus, and letting investors in would limit that ability.  

How can you make a gift?  Your gift is a just that, a gift.  There is no stake in the company, there is not product, service, or discount that you will receive.  It is not tax deductible.  There is no charity.  This is simply a gift you are making to a dedicated, hard-working, "nothing can stop her" mom that does not let the word "no" discourage her.  Your faith in my dedication is what you will receive, and those that know me will tell you that does not waiver.

Why anonymous?  There's a number of reasons for that, but if you read the "About" page and understand the story, you will understand that the personalities of the people I am dealing with would cause much greater issues if they are aware of the mission.  This is a delicate situation with everyday people's livelihood on the line and risking an increased toxic or hostile environment is not and ideal situation.  Once the goal is achieved, I will be able to formulate a proposal and plan of action that will allow all parties the best possible outcome.  Until that time, it is imperative that all involved are able to work in their current positions until the time is right. 


Along the journey of this process I will provide updates and stories shared by those who wish to make a gift.  At the end of the mission, I will celebrate the achievement with all of our supporters to enjoy and continue to provide feedback on the change and growth of the people you are investing your hard earned money into.

How to give:

To ensure you are giving to the official campaign, please click the Venmo button and ensure the user name on the Venmo appears as " @operation-buyout ".


"Alone we can do so little: together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller

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