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Solo Trip

Everyday people helping everyday people.

Have you ever worked for a company where you were overworked and underpaid? 

Have you sacrificed your family and personal life for the sake of your job? 

Have you ever felt unappreciated by your boss or employer? 

Did you give your "all" to a company and not get recognized or even thanked? 

Did you have a great idea that someone else took credit for? 

Have you been skipped over for a promotion because of someone else's relationship with the boss? 

Have you forgone an overdue raise while the company owner travels on vacations every month? 

Have you ever stayed in a toxic work environment because you felt guilty for leaving other employees behind?

If so, this story is for you.

This is a story about hard-working, dedicated employees that have spent countless hours sacrificing their personal lives to keep a company running with little to no appreciation in return, lower than average wages, unrealistic expectations, nepotism, zero leadership and non existent communication.

It's a story many people can relate to and unfortunately a common issues among many businesses. Most people in this type of situation feel helpless, powerless, and trapped, often leaving a bad situations for an even worse one.

Until now.....


About me.  I'm a hard-working, business savvy, single mom.  I am very resilient, dedicated, and a self-motivated go-getter that always leads with the mind set of what is good and right for everyone.  I have faced adversity, tragedy, chauvinism, and the naysayers; powering through all of it with the belief that being a good person, working hard, and doing right by others will always prevail.  

About my work.  I love what I do and have done it for a very long time.  I run a division of a larger company.  I love the people I work with.  I know the business inside and out.  The business is service oriented and traditionally occupied by male owners.  My division of the business is great, the customers are happy, the employees are happy, the processes run smoothly, the day to day is organized, profitable, and drama free.

About the employees.  They are some of the hardest working people you could ever meet.  They come from a Midwest, blue collar town, where hard work and loyalty are first and foremost. They show up rain or shine, they work until the job is done, they put their jobs before their personal lives.  The never say no, they never quit, they work through sickness, through all types of weather conditions, and work without feeling appreciated and valued.  These are the people I am fighting to represent.

About the business.  It's approaching three decades of history.  It is family owned.  The business has has been built from the ground up by the long-time, hard working employees that have dedicated their lives to the success of the business.  Many of the employees have family members that have joined the company over the years.  It's a labor intensive business with hard deadlines, and because of these people, the business became successful.  

About the current situation.  Like many business owners, lack of passion, other interests, personal issues, disorganization and noncommunication start to deteriorate a company.  When ownership has unrealistic expectations of others, is absente more than present, rules with fear, doesn't want to be bothered with the day to day business, people start to notice.  

Without leadership, without direction, people become frustrated.  With that frustration, people become discouraged.  Seeing the success of the owner and the disregard for the ones that created that success starts to create a negative mindset and attitude thus spilling over into the morale of the employees and eating away at the heart of the very people that created all of it.

To understand why the employees have remained so long, here's a brief history.... When the company first started, it was alot of long time friends and family that initially started it.  The owner was much more hands on and worked hard along side the dedicated employees. As the company grew, leadership was put in place to help manage the growing company.  As time went on and more employees joined, the management staff started to butt heads with the owner over ways of properly running the company.  The owner is very difficult to work with, has an out of control temper, among other issues.  The employees respected the management staff, however over time, the management team started to dwindle due the difficulty of the owner and as new manager were brought on boards they started to leave at a very high pace.  Fast forward to today and there is now an unqualified manager in place due to the lack of options.  This manager not only is unqualified to be in a management role, but supports the bad behavior, overlooks all the issues, condones the abuse, blames everyone else for the issues and has now placed unqualified family members in managing roles to try and control everything.  This has caused absolute chaos throughout the staff as many other people are much more qualified to do the roles, have no ability to report to anyone other than the manager (as HR and the manager are best of friends).  The cycle of lies, passive aggressive behavior, nepotism, narcissism, and complete control has gotten the best of the new manager and relatives.  Ownership can't recognize it (or won't) due to to inability to fix the issues and lack of desire to want to be involved.  Basically collects the profits and let's it go. Well, now it's at a level of despair that ownership and management refuse to acknowledge and certainly not willing to accept.  Employees as well as customers are starting to notice and there's a downward spiral about to jeopardize the jobs of everyone.

About the mission.  As a business minded individual that knows the industry inside and out, knows the potential of the business when properly run, and knows the much needed changes that need to be implemented, I have the passion, drive, and skill set to breathe new life into the company.  I have the ability to restructure, provide leadership and to develop the hard-working employees into leaders along the way.  My mission is to be the change and bring back the heart of a company so many hard-working people dedicated themselves to creating.  I want to renew faith, build confidence and treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

About the goal.  I believe in investing in people, I believe in developing people into productive, knowledgeable, and loyal partners that can pass those skills on to others. By raising enough money to purchase the company, implement the business plan, and develop people into leaders, I will be able to create a profit-sharing program that will reward the dedicated people that made the business so successful from the start.  My goal is to prove that an everyday, hard-working, mom with a crazy idea can unite millions of everyday people and inspire them to be a small part of change for the good of others.


If you've ever had a crazy idea or been told you can't do something, don't let that stop you from trying.   

"The ones who say you can’t are too afraid you will."- Nike

"The ones who say you can’t are too afraid you will."
- Nike

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